CAFS 3 gallon fire extinguisherHeight: 27.5″ Width: 10″ Shell Diameter: 7.5″
Loaded Weight: 39 lbs. Empty Weight: 15 lbs.
Premix Tank: 3 gallon stainless steel.
Gas Cylinder: Scuba type, DOT rated, 6 cu. ft., 3000 psi.
Gas Regulator: Scuba type, Pressure preset to 140 psi. nonadjustable.
Gas Pressure Relief Valve: 150 psi preset, nonadjustable.
Gas Check Valve: One way.
Accelerator/Mixing Chamber: Fixed flow and expansion ratio.
Finished Foam Output: 30 to 60 gallons.
Discharge Time: 1 minute.
Discharge Distance: 30 feet.
Check/Fill Adapter
Carry Strap
Spare 6 cu. ft. gas cylinder
Storage Cabinet

Price..$1,500   green2Green Product

Contact Darren at (530) 354-0215 for Info.

Also, visit Fire Apparatus Advertiser if you are looking for other fire fighting apparatus or trucks.


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